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GREEN AMENITIES SUPPLY CORPORATION (GASC) is a member of the Green Amenities Group of Companies, which are known for marketing, selling and distribution of hospital and hotel amenities supply in the Philippines. GASC's products are manufactured from different parts of the globe. GASC imports the items, promotes and markets the products, do sales and aftersales, and creates good relationship with all our stakeholders-manufacturers, vendors, and customers. 


Mutual partnership is a healthy relationship to both parties involved, and GASC values what can each of the partners can do for each. 


We provide complete hotel and restaurant solutions that include distribution of more than 5,000 items. These comprise every category, spanning bath and bed linens, personal care amenities, room accessories, housekeeping supplies, equipment, and more. With over 5 warehouses nationwide, our distribution process ensures our customers get what they need, when they need it.

Hotel Amenities

Shampoos, bath gels, lotions, conditioners, soaps, personal care kits, pens and pencils, hangers, slippers and more..


F&B Related

Cling wraps, vinyl gloves, hair nets, face masks, straws, chopsticks, toothpicks, chef's hat. coasters, glass covers and more..

F&B Related

Eco Bags

Shopping bags, eco bags, grocery bags and more..


Pillow & Linens

Pillows, pillow cases, bed sheets, duvet covers, bathrobes, infills, bath matts, towels and more..


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