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"To make things better"
"To serve with integrity"

Green Amenities Supply Corporation is a member of the Green Amenities Group of Companies, which are known for marketing, selling and distribution of hospital and hotel amenities supply in the Philippines. GASC's products are manufactured from different parts of the globe. We import our products and distribute to hotels, resorts, hospitals, malls and restaurants. 

GASC imports the items, promotes and markets the products, do sales and aftersales, and creates good relationship with all our stakeholders-manufacturers, vendors, and customers. 


Mutual partnership is a healthy relationship to both parties involved, and GASC values what can each of the partners can do for each. 

We aim to build a first class business with great people and satisfied clients.

This is a broad mission statement of Green Amenities Supply Corp. that focuses on the improvement of every life of the company's stakeholders - customers, employees, officers, directors, and others. Others refer to the government agencies that the company is dealing, that we adhere its requirements according to the local and national laws.

In the field of Amenities Supply, GASC is in its pedestal that competitors are trying to reach. There are only two competing companies in this field: GASC and others. GASC aims to become faster, higher and stronger than its competitor.


GASC targets to be faster in all its transactions with its clients; be able to deliver the goods on-time and with highest priority.


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